RCD provides you with a constant stream of new coaching ideas and approaches from the top of the professional and amateur games.

Coaching guidance is provided for all ages and abilities, and includes specialist advice for each position, set pieces and game phase, and for practice at home with parents and small player groups.

Select from RCD’s library of proven session plans, created by specialists and professional coaches. Edit template session plans to add video's from the comprehensive RCD library or your own personal favourite drills.

Session plans for all ages, positions, game phases and levels.

It’s easy to create your personal session plans and share them with your fellow coaches, players and parents.

Save, edit and share plans, and access them on your computer, tablet and smartphone.

Very soon you’ll have the right plan to make every rugby experience challenging and fun.

Develop your club library of re-useable ideas and session plans to bring coaches, players and parents together around your club's best practices and curriculum. Empower your club's best coaches to help and support those new to the game, and drive your club's rugby programme cohesively at all levels.

  • 2500+ exclusive coaching drills, games and interviews.
  • Position-specific and 'at home' tips.
  • Ready-to-use session plans.
  • Personal session plan editor.
  • Club rugby programme and coaching library.
  • Easy sharing.

Put fun, skills development, and playing as a Team, at the heart of your rugby coaching


  • Tips, drills and games from professional coaches and players
  • Best practices from professional club training grounds
  • Focused age group, attack, defence, set piece and game phase plans

  • “RCD is packed with valuable information and is helping me find my feet as I start coaching the mini’s after a few years away from the game.”
  • Phillip
  • Harpendon Under 7’s
  • “The ready to use session plans are such a great idea and our Under 11’s coaches use them to plan all of our sessions.”
  • Anthony
  • Wallingford RFC Under 11’s
  • “We thought we knew what we were doing but all of us in the Under 12’s are gobsmacked at how RCD video’s have improved everything we do. Since January our squad has grown from 24 players to 45, unbelievable.”
  • Mark
  • Head Coach Ruislip Under 12’s
  • “Getting to see what the professional coaches do and what they say has completely changed my outlook to my son’s development.”
  • Grant
  • Moulsford School